GNet Transportation Network

Q: What is GNet?

A: GRiDD’s GNet platform is a communications & translation platform connecting transportation companies using disperate technologies. GNet is not a booking system nor does it sell transportation services of any kind. The GNet Platform is a bi-directional switch for the Corporate Ground Transportation sector. A transportation company can now distribute reservations to other companies in real-time as well as perform services for travel and transportation distributors, including Travel Portals, Travel Management companies, online travel agencies (, etc.). These connections are designed to expand the visibility of the network members (transportation companies), drive participation in new market segments and help create business opportunities for all participants. GNet members have complete control of their level of visibility in the marketplace (both to other operators and/or other sources of new business) and may establish relationships with any other company on the platform that they wish to do business with. By facilitating operator visibility and providing access to global Travel Portals, mobile applications and other verticals and/or technologies, GNet arms operators with the tools necessary to exchange information via their existing dispatch systems.

Evolution. Not Revolution.

Q: What is GRiDD?

A: GRiDD Technologies CA, Inc. is a California company founded in 2011. The GRiDD team have a long history in enterprise level system integrations across many industries around the globe. Prior to founding GRiDD, Amir Zafar co-founded AAXIS Commerce ( AAXIS Commerce, helps its clients realize the full business value from their e-commerce solutions. They are a large e-commerce agency offering integrated expertise across technology, interactive marketing, and business consulting globally.

Q: What advantages does GRiDD bring to the industry?


  • Visibility: Global visibility to other transportation companies, Travel Portals,Travel Management Companies and aggregators
  • An Open Market Platform: GNet members can now do business with any entity without having to change technologies or install any new software to do so.
  • Real-Time Connectivity: Information automatically synced on both sides (Sender & Receiver) as changes occur.
  • Real-Time Vehicle location: GNet provides vehicle partner vehicles regardless of their technology.
  • Cross-Mobile app capability: Passenger mobile apps can show partner vehicles using a different tracking technologies
  • Streamlined Connectivity: Connecting to GNet is facilitated by your software providers
  • Foundation for the Future: The GNet platform integration with each dispatch system will serve as the foundation for on-demand service fulfilment by operators choosing to engage in this booking option.

Q: What is the cost of GNet?

A: GNet is a transaction based system requiring no upfront payments and no investment in additional hardware or software is required or necessary. Registration on the GNet platform is free of charge. Once an operator begins sending and/or receiving transactions via the platform, you will be charged a flat transaction fee for each completed reservation you send or receive. There are no additional charges for updates, cancels or querying the location of vehicles. You will be billed monthly, there are no commitments or binding contracts. GNet is a fraction of the cost of all other options in the market.

Q: How do we know If we can use GNet ?

A: GNet is connected to multiple dispatch systems. If you are using one of these systems, you are already connected. Make sure you are registered on GNet in order to be seen by other operators, distributors and other sources of new business. If you are not using a GNet connected dispatch system, GRiDD will be happy to develop a customized integration process for you and your system.

Q: What is required for installation?

A: If you are using one of the GNet connected dispatch systems, then your software provider has made all of the necessary changes to your programming to enable the transmission of reservations and information to/from your system. You will not be required to install any additional technology or equipment, you will simply need to reach out to your software provider for the necessary instructions and support documentation to activate the new capabilities.

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